The New Bardolatry (Network) is one of the oldest Shakepseare-related sites on the internet.

We¬†began it ca. 1996 as a homeschool project for our three oldest children. (That’s why we call ourselves “Groundlings.” Experts, not so much, but Supergeeks and Fanboys of the Bard…yepper.


Just call me “e-Bard.”

Our goal in the beginning was to stimulate our kids’ love of Shakespeare and their writing skills to boot. We’d watch any available film or TV production of a Shakespeare play, discuss its merits and flaws, then the kids would write reviews. Our favorite “field trips” were to see live productions in Portland, particularly at the erstwhile Tygres Heart Theatre, and our beloved Oregon Shakespeare Festival. The latter has become something of a second home since our move to Ashland in 2007.

Bardolatry was also my first attempt at developing a self-hosted site using WordPress. In the nearly twenty years since then I’ve built dozens, mostly for family and friends, but also as a part-time paying gig. It’s become a second mini-career, after writing.

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