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However, since Howie Seago’s casting as the Ghost has raised some comment in a few quarters, mostly of the “But I miss Shakespeare’s language!” variety, I would like to point out why I think this casting was particularly effective.

First, those who complain about missing the language are people who probably know it so well already they could speak it in their sleep, and have been known to do so in their seats right along with the actors. (A problem so chronic with Shakespeare in performance that Peter Brook dealt with it in his marvelous production (which we in Clan Murphy have taken to calling the “Zen Hamlet“—see John Murphy’s review here), by shifting soliloques out of their usual place, and having the Players enact the Hecuba scene in its original (source) Greek.

How wonderful and fresh, therefore, in this OSF production, to “see” Seago’s passionately expressive sign language putting a whole new spin on the Ghost’s horrific narrative of his murder at the hands of his brother.

Dan Donohue & Howie Seago, OSF 2010, photo by David Cooper

Dan Donohue & Howie Seago, OSF 2010, photo by David Cooper

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