Antic Disposition: OSF 2010 Hamlet

Moreover, since “you can’t have Hamlet without the Prince”, the other half of the Clan’s flutteratility had to do, natch, with casting. Instantaneously and unanimously we all began sending Positive Thoughts in a Heavenly direction to the effect that Dan Donohue, much missed in the 2009 season after his jaw-dropping Iago in 2008 (see here and here), would be the One. A barefoot pilgrimage to Compostela was discussed, but alas the economic downturn put the kibosh on the notion and Clan Murphy had to settle for a Novena.

Notwithstanding, our Piety was rewarded, DD it was to be, and the Clan spent a goodly seven or eight months on tenterhooks as to what Rauch & Donohue & Co would give us with their Dane.

Well, what they have given us is one of the funniest–you read that right, “funny”–most surprising and downright entertaining Hamlets I have ever seen. That is no small achievement given that I have seen, by last count, filmed or staged, eighteen different productions.

Yikes, it’s a disease.

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